Will I Get My Contact Lenses Right After the Eye Exam?

I am getting my eye/ contact exam tommorow, and I wanted to know if I will receive my contact lenses on the same day. I know glasses take about a week, more or less, but I wouldn’t know about contacts. Don’t you get your prescription after your exam, and they pick out the contacts that are right? Btw, if it helps, I’m getting my exam done at WalMart Vision center.

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  1. roxanne says:

    well…the day that i got my contacts they gave me contacts for that week. yes, they did let me pick them out. they suggested a certain type of contacts and i picked if i wanted color or not. i tried on several different colors when i was there. i absolutely love the green. i always get the most compliments wearing them. the next week i picked up the box for the remaining weeks.

    btw, i’m not sure how walmart vision center handles contacts. they might do the same thing or have different procedures.

  2. luvbooksswak says:

    I am not sure about the WalMart part—but my daughter did at the J.C. Penney Optical Department.
    Keep them clean. Enjoy.

  3. hanksimon says:

    If your eyes fit some average that they have in stock, it is possible. However, don’t bet on it. In fact, even if they give you the contacts, you may not be able to wear them immediately, if the doctor puts drops in your eyes.

  4. csi7472 says:

    Depends on how much stock they carry and what your prescription is. I go to a local optometrist, and they usually have mine in stock.

  5. gapeach says:

    It depends on whether or not they have your prescription there, otherwise it may take about a week to fill, about the same as glasses.

  6. kairi w says:

    well, it depends on how much they have in stock most or the time no so dont plan on it

  7. If you have never worn contacts before the optomitrist will give you a pair of "tester" contacts the first day. In the eman time your specific prescription fit and color is being ordered. You come back a few days later and he asks, "Did you have any problems?" Most likely you’ll say no. He/she will hand you your presciption and that will be that. I have seen it done exactly like that before. Enjoy your contacts and I hope this helps.


  8. Samantha S says:

    It depends on your prescription. I have very bad eye sight and need toric lenses for astigmatism, so they always have to order mine and it takes forever for them to come in.
    If you have a common prescription, they might have them in stock.
    (I go to WalMart, too.)

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