Why Is My Vison Blurry When I Wear My Contact Lenses?

Why are my contacts blurry when I first put them in?

My contact lenses make my vision blurry up close when I try to read. These are brand new lenses and this is the second day I have ever worn contact lenses. When I look at things kind of far away, it’s clear, but when I try to read books up close, my vision is blurred.

My lenses are Acuvue Advance for astigmatism. Is this normal for a first time contact lens wearer?

Will the curvature of my contacts make things blurry?

Oh and one more thing, I have worn glasses for 8 years if this helps at all.

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  1. Could you have put them on backwards? Could you have accidentally gotten someone else’s prescription and they have yours? I don’t think this is normal. Call your eye doctor.

  2. Not normal.talk to your eye doctor.
    I think you may have the wrong prescription.

  3. Several things….
    Either you have them in wrong side out
    You didnt get them cleaned well
    Or you got them in the wrong eye

  4. i dont kno maybe you dont need them

  5. Redknight says:

    i have never had problems with my contacts…. tell your eye doctor ASAP…….

  6. Meepit M says:

    Maybe because:
    1. they might not fit you
    2. you have them off to the side
    3. you have the wrong contacts

  7. I have worn contacts for over 20 years. Until recently, I had no problems reading when wearing my contacts. I must wear reading glasses for reading or for working on things up close. I am 43, so this is a normal part of aging. Without knowing your age, I suggest that you see your optometrist tomorrow. You may need to have your prescription tweaked. Some people need to have one eye corrected for near vision and the other eye corrected for distance vision.

    Good luck!

    Will D
    Enterprise AL

  8. I have this problem. I’ve just started wearing contacts for short sitedness. I can now read things in the distance perfectly clear which is great. However, close up, things appear slightly blurred. It’s making reading and computer work very irritating. From peoples responses on here I’m guessing this is not normal, or is there a period of adjustment for the eyes to become comfortable with contacts?

  9. ok so i am not the only one..lol. i have the same problem and when i asked my dr. he told me because i use my contacts for distance and that my eyes are struggling to focus things up close so he told me to purchase glasses from walgreens, rite aid etc. i need to counter my prescription?? so since my vision is -1.00 i need to buy +1.00 glasses for up close? does that make sense though, really? i might as well just take my contacts out and then put my normal glasses on for distance when i need it. He is telling me to wear glasses from the pharmacy to look at things up close, if that makes any sense?? i think its ridiculous. i dont know if this helps but i have the blurry vision too. i just always end up taking my contacts out cuz its so hard to walk around having blurry vision to be quite honest with you. my vision is better without contacts for at home things. only when i drive is when i for sure need my contacts or glasses for distance driving.

  10. Lisa (above post), that is exactly correct. Most contact wearers suffer the same problem. It is just a *thing* with contacts that they don’t allow your eyes to focus on close up things such as reading or the computer monitor.

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