Why Does My Contact Lens Move in My Eye?

I have monthly disposable contacts and they have been working out fine for me all year. However, recently the left contact has started to move out of place every time I blink. I thought maybe it was just that one particular contact so I opened the pack for the next month and tried that one and the same thing happened. I know that contacts are aligned and weighted at the bottom so they sit properly in your eye and these have worked fine all year so I assume the doctor measured them to my eye correctly. I have had itchy and dry eyes due to allergies, could this be the issue? Or has my prescription changed in just this short period of time?

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  1. What you are describing would not occur due to a change in your prescription. I believe you are describing a problem with your eye itself. The clue comes from "I have had itchy and dry eyes due to allergies". It is very possible that you have developed a condition called giant papillary conjunctivitis. This is an auto immune allergic type response to the presence of the contact lens and or deposits on the lens. With GPC, underside of the upper lid develops big (giant) bumps (papilla) due to allergic inflammation of the tissue under the upper lid called the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis). GPC causes the lid to produce excessive mucous which deposits the contact lens and makes it feel dry. Because the lens is deposited the lid tends to grab hold of it rather than slide over it with a blink, therefore causing the lens to displace. Once you have developed GPC it tends to become chronic. You should go back and see you eye doctor. There are treatments available to control GPC. Hope this helped.

  2. You could have a faulty batch of contacts. But the shape of your eye might have changed…I suggest you visit the eye doc for a check up.

  3. Are you rubbing your eyes? That can move your contact lens also if you’re having problems. Otherwise, I agree, you might have a defected set of contacts.

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    sometimes it happens to me because i rub my eye or because the are dry and sometimes because i suddenly look in another direction, and sometimes it happens just because

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