Why Do My Eye Burn When I Put on Contact Lens? Urgently Please Help!?

Why do my eye burn when I put on contact lens? Please Help Urgently!?
Hey, so I recently bought a pair of fresh look contact lenses, like 4 days ago, Today I put one of my contact lens in my left eye and it burns a little. I post on the different one in my right and its fine it doesn’t burn. I tried to do a experI ament, I put my left contact on in my right eye to see if it burn and it does. What should I do. I use ReNu Solution!

I tried to put it the other way around and it still burn.
There is nothing in the contact. It burns when I put on that single contact lens.
I tried everything you guys said. It still burns :(

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  1. shorty_gurlie_paty says:

    It might be torn. Take your contact out, and hold it up to the light. Very and I mean very, gently tug the edges. If it has any kind of tear, just throw it out and pop in a new one. If there are none, wash any debris away with your solution and try again in a few minutes when the irritation in your eye has calmed down. If you sitll have problems call your optometrist, but if you bought them just to have colored eyes, then maybe contacts aren’t for you? :(

  2. I think its your eye itself. Not the contact. You might have a scratch. Check with your eye doc. Hope this helps.

  3. blessedmommy says:

    Are they clean ? call the eye dr tomorrow

  4. maybe you should clean your lens with clean and clear cleaning solution, its probably dirty thats why, renu solutions doesnt really work good for me, try switching the brand.

  5. sunshine_peach says:

    yeah usually my contacts will burn if i need to clean them a little in solution but maybe you got soap or something in your eye, if not then maybe you can try a different solution, bausch and laumb is pretty good for me its a little pricey but like the best.if all doesnt work then contact your doctor and ask the receptionist for the doc to call u back, or visit the doc, or ask a pharmacist. good luck

  6. Well it’s normal for the solution to ‘sting’ your eye a little but it should go away after a few seconds,are you sure the lens isn’t in the wrong way or there is a hair or something on the lens?

  7. i have had the same problem, ifound that just changing it does the trick :D

  8. same here bro, my left eyes gets a little red and burns when I wear the contacts. But it goes away after a while. Go see the doctor bro.

  9. I think that the eye is irritate more than the other so it still hurts with the new contact. best thing to do is leave it out for as long as possible (best overnight) rinse it off well before reinserting

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