Why Did My Contact Lens Break?

Question by Blahb: Why did my contact lens break?
My eye started hurting in a weird way, and I figured my contact lens was just dry, so I went to take it out, and it looked like it had split almost in half! That’s never happened before! I haven’t been doing anything differently. What happened? Will my eye be okay? They’re soft contacts by the way.

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Answer by Elephant Box.
Your eye will probably be fine. It migh thave started with a small tear on the lense and then it probably ripped more while putting it in. I would just be careful next time with cleaning them and putting them in the case. I have ripped it while closing it.

Answer by heatherch
Anything could cause you to tear a contact lens. It could be from excessive dry eyes causing the lens to dry out while being on your eye to overhandling the lens by using your finger nails to separate a folded lens. It could be a variety of things…and it is common to almost every contact lenses wearer.

Your eye will be fine. It probably has a slight abrasion on it due to the sharp edge of the torn lens rubbing on your cornea. If it is an abrasion, an antibiotic drop usually fixes the problem. If you are hurting after you remove the lens, definitely see your eye doctor.

Answer by Jenny H
a tear in your contact lens could be caused by anything. it happens to me sometimes. usually i think mine tears while i’m handling it (either taking it out or putting it in my eye).

when i have a tear in my contact lens, my eye feels like its burning and it gets really red.

Your eye will be ok eventually.

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