Why Are My Eyes Always Red When I Wear Contact Lenses?

Everytime i wear my contact lenses my eyes become red and irritated..
Is there anything i can do to make my eyes less irritated and white, while wearing contact lense? like eye drops for example?
please and thank you for your time.

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  1. soccer_guy_87 says:

    Get new contact lenses. Consult your doctor.

  2. B e b e♥ says:

    Pink eye!
    Consult your eye doctor asap could be numerous infections.

  3. Oscar E says:

    Don’t be worried i msure girls get HOT because of it…..

  4. jessica l says:

    it maybe your solution

  5. Meghann S. says:

    or try switching contact brands.

  6. Victoria. says:

    i just get the solution and rub them in my contacts alot.

    and if there still bothering you use eye drops.



  8. Ms.Gossip says:

    lack of oxygen at times you have to take them out and chill your eyes out a bit.

  9. Hebrew Scared says:

    eye drops might help but you might want to change the cleaning fluid you are using. There have been bad batches released in the past and you might have gotten one of the bad bottles.

  10. I would talk to the doc, your eyes are irritated and it’s not normal for that when you wear contacts. Only when you first start wearing them.. Best of luck.

  11. cameron says:

    um, go see your docktor becouse you might be allergic to them. I know it might sound silly but trust me I know what I’m saying

  12. Star Girl says:

    make sure u wash your hands before u start putting your contacts in because if you have dirty hands the dirt will go in the eye and make it red.
    contact an eye doctor

  13. rocklobzter31 says:

    Don’t wear them for more than 10 hours a day and don’t expose them to a lot of wind…wear sunglasses

  14. Sexy Lady says:

    Just to clarify it is not pink eye. Sometimes what happens is the contacts dry the eyes out. I would suggest getting some eye drops that are natural tears eyedrops. Not visine or anything like that. You can’t use that with contacts. Just get some natural tear eyedrops and put them in every once in a while. it will keep your contacts moist and more comfortable and in return your eyes will not get so red. Also, don’t leave them in for more than 10 hours a day. That will help too.

  15. THe same thing happend to me, it could be the solution you are using so you should try and ask you optometrist to give you a sample of something for sensitive eyes. If it’s not the solution it could be you contacts. You could also try this site it should help you :)


  16. I sometimes have this problem. In my case, it’s because the contacts dry out my eyes and make them red and irritated. I use eyedrops to lubricate them and reduce the irritation but I find I have to take them out after a few hours.

  17. that could be any number of things!! Could be infection, sensitivity to lens material, sensitivity to solution, allergies, allergens trapped in your lenses…. go see your doctor.

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