Where to Buy Contact Lens? (Either Costco or Walmart)?

Costco Contact Lenses

I’m thinking to buy contact lens and I’m considering either Costco or Walmart. I heard Costco has cheap contact lenses but the exam is expensive. And I don’t know anything about Walmart contact lenses.

Which one has cheap total price including exam and contact lens?

If I buy colored ones, do Costco contact lenses cost me more?

Has anyone bought Costco contact lenses and how do they work for you? I guess I’m looking for a Costco contact lenses review.

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  1. i only went to costco for eye fitting and contact lens because at that time i didnt had insurance it was like 65-75 dollars for exam. also, costco’s supply of contact lens are cheap but they only carry one brand, acuvue and no colored lens

    colored lens cost more, regular contacts are like 17-20 a box while freshlook colorblends is 28-30+ per box

  2. You’d have to see what your insurance will cover, and sometimes it might be cheaper to go to a smaller, more local office.

    & Yes, colored cost more. Also, if you have astigmatism, you will probably use toric lenses, which may cost more, depending on the brand and type.

    Also, the contact lens price will vary, depending on the brand, type, and the disposal frequency.

  3. wal-mart and colored do cost more sry

  4. w. Hunter says:

    It really doesn’t matter as long as you aren’t looking only for the cheapest price for contact lenses which isn’t always a good idea according to http://www.coloredcontacts.com where they state: “When it comes to the health of your eyes, the best buy for affordable or cheap contact lenses is purchasing the best quality brand name product at the most affordable price. For example, the Freshlook contact lens brand is a quality product manufactured here in the United States, a manufacturer that follows strict quality control guidelines, and therefore produces a high quality color contact lens.
    On the other hand, if you purchase the cheapest priced contacts because they were low priced, you may be getting lesser quality, cheap contacts. When looking for inexpensive or cheap contact lenses online, look for known reputable manufacturers. Finding the lowest, rock bottom price usually does not equal the best quality. You could be putting your eyes at risk. When it comes to colored contacts, if you want the best we recommend Ciba’s Freshlook colors and colorblends contact lenses.”

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