Where Can I Buy Rainbow Colored Contact Lenses?

i really want these but i cant find them anywhere!
help me please

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    1. orclover<3 says:

      Couldn’t quite find one but, I found one where you can customize your own. It’s lower down on the page, the last of the "special effect" ones


    2. Margaret A says:

      Uhmmm, okay…. Whatever floats your boat… But I don’t think they sell them. Ask your eye doctor??

      Answer mine please?????

    3. Arts_Girl says:


    4. is there such a thing? they sound a bit ridiculous.

    5. lindsey says:

      WTF why would you want colored contacts!! sooooooo not in style- maybe if youre dressed as a clown for halloween

      lol but then again it is your choice but it is nearly impossibe to get them anywhere

    6. GinaGoesRawrImaDinosaur says:

      Heres Some Rainbow Colored Contacts.(:
      But The Price Is Rediculious.

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