What's the Difference Between OS and OD in Lenses?

I am trying to buy contact lenses online and i dont know what it does. i mean are they the same? can i buy two ODs and wear them on both eyes? and another thing while I am at it, if the Quantity Per Box: is 2, and i put 1 quantity for my right eye and one quantity for my left eye thats just one right lens and one left. right? i just want one for each of my eyes and + I am new to this.

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  1. OD is Right and OS is Left. If you are talking about costume contacts it won’t make a bit of difference.
    If you are talking about prescription contacts, it makes a different if the prescription is different for each eye.

    But I have a feeling you are talking about costume contacts, so it won’t matter if you order 2 or 20 contacts, as long as their the same color or design, you won’t have any problems ordering 1 of each or 20 left or right contacts.

  2. Footprintz says:

    OD is right eye , and OS is left eye.

    That only matters if you have different powers for each eye. If the powers are the same or they are 0.00 power, then right and left don’t matter.

    If there is 2 lenses per box…then choosing 1 will mean one box….= 2 lenses.

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