Whats the Difference Between 14.2 and 14.5 Diameter on a Contact Lens and How Would It Affect the Eye?

I was looking to order Blackout contact lens for halloween, the ones which make the iris and pupil appear completely pitch black and slitely bigger…..My normal prescription contact lens are 14.2 diameter..The special effects contacts i wanted to order have a 14.5 diameter….Will the 14.5 diameter fit my eye and be a big difference from the 14.2?? Thanks, hopefully an optometrist is around to answer lol

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  1. Philipino Chocol@te says:

    All that means is how big the diameter is in the color part or your eyes. If its bigger it won’t be huge difference I had some trial colored lenses that were bigger than my usual. its cool

  2. I’m sure they’d be fine for you to wear. I would expect you’d feel them in your eye more than your normal contacts.

  3. I would have thought that a 14.2 diameter was .3 smaller than an 14.5 diameter?
    I do believe that if you were to put .5’s in your eyes they most probably wouldn’t fit. But as I always say it’s worth a try, even if it doesn’t work. If they don’t fit you could always cut them down to size (only joking!!! you might accidently cut the lens in half without realising it!!!)
    But then again you could always try a different shop, they might have the size you need. Or you could just forget the idea and improvise? No? Well I don’t know what else to suggest.

    Have fun on Halloween.


  4. kiss_me22 says:

    they may be a little uncomfortable to wear but should be fine if you only wear them for halloween. i wouldnt suggest you wearing them daily tho

  5. It is ok. The bigger diameter will make a different apperance of your eyes. If is for Halloween, that is it.

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