What Will Happen if I Wear a Contact That Is Not My Base Curve?

MY bc is 8.6 but my friend bought me loads of lens that is 8.4… i know it will cause discomfort n pain but the dryness and the oxygen transportation doesn’t depend on the bc?

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  1. My shoe size is 8, but my friend bought me six pairs of size 7. Will it hurt my feet to use them?

    That is the same as the question you just asked.

    You are wrong, BC does affect dryness and oxygen transport.

    A tight lens will not move so there will be less tear exchange and thus less oxygen. As the cornea becomes low in oxygen, it may feel dry. As the tears are not exchanged, waste products will build up and decrease tear quality so the eye will dry.

    It is usually illegal to purchase contacts without a prescription, your friend should return the lenses for refund.

  2. Your contact may not fir/feel right and perhaps not improve your vision. You should be able to return them to your eye care provider or if you ordered online return them to the retailer.

  3. Footprintz says:

    If you normally wear 8.6 then an 8.4 will most likely be too tight.

    Of course oxygen transmission and dryness is dependent on the base curve.

    When the lens is much too tight, it won’t allow a tear film behind it , therefore it dries out fast, and a dried lens won’t transmit oxygen.

    As well as possibly sticking to your eyes and being very difficult to get off , damaging the top layer of your corneas.

    Lenses that are too tight can do that.

  4. The 8.4 is a tighter fit which may feel OK when you first put them on, but they may interfere with tear exchange and start to burn as the day goes on. Sometimes they will grip the eye enough to make the eye sore and red outside the periphery of the lens.

    Then when you try to remove them they may stick to the eye.

    In some cases a bubble will form between the lens and the eye which will interfere with vision and create a dry spot on the eye adjacent to the bubble.

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