What Is the Standard Base Curve for Contact Lenses?

What is the standard base curve for contact lenses? My insurance covers a check up every 2 years and I just got a check up and the doctor didn’t check my base curve or diameter. I can’t afford another check up, so I what wondering if there is a standard base curve. If the standard base curve is not 8.4, 8.7, or 9.0, which one should I pick?

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    1. Footprintz says:

      There is no standard.

      The one that will work for you is the one that fits you…and guess what…you can’t guess at that on your own.

      There are different curvatures because eyes aren’t all the same.

      Unless you get a fitting done, there is no way you can know what you need or what will fit…sorry…that’s the way it is.

    2. Hmmm let’s change your question:

      What is the standard size for ___________?

      Hmmm try these words:

      Hope that’s answered your question.

    3. Nash Donnelly says:

      The standard base curve for anybody’s eyes is 8.4, diameter- 14.0
      But even at that, you can’t get contacts without the optometrist confirming it. Even if you order them online, they won’t ship without a confirmation from an eye doctor.
      You have to type in your name and that’s how they know what size of contacts you need or even if your in the system for contacts.
      When I went to my eye doctor to get my eyes measured for contacts and the class, it cost exactly $80. They also give you free trials of contacts. And the contacts aren’t that expensive. And my insurance didn’t pay for any of it. Theres only a few insurances that will pay for contacts.

    4. Bausch and Lomb says:


      There’s not a standard base curve for contact lenses. You’ll need to consult with your eye care professional about this. The proper base curve for your eyes is something that can only be determined by a contact lens fitting.


      Bausch + Lomb
      Consumer Affairs

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