What Is the Best Mascara to Use for Contact Lens Wearers?

I’m thinking about getting the neutrogena healthy volume mascara. Would that be a good mascara for contact lens wearers?

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  1. You have to try li lash. It is recommended and formulated by doctors.
    Make your eyelash naturally longer fuller thicker curlier and sexier.

    I love using it and have been using it since i first try it, I have tried many others, but they always have problem.

    Th ebest part is it is formulated to work on even the most sensitive skin/eyes. I have sensitive skin and eyes as I use contacts too. But this product really work out well for me.

    I feel comfortable and also very attractive. Also get very confident after all the compliments from my friends.

    I think you can try it. They have a discount offer:
    $10 OFF Plus Free Shipping
    Code: AFFSHIP
    good luck!

  2. Everlasting Gobstopper says:

    wat does mascara have to do with ur contacts? im confuzzed

  3. seaotter<3 says:

    dont wear its made of bat poop

  4. courtney! says:

    Deffinetely Urban Decay Mascara.

  5. The kind of mascara doesn’t have anything to do with your contact lens. You can wear any mascara that you want.

  6. Katie..♥ says:

    I just use regular mascara. But curl them before you put it on so your lashes don’t go inward.

  7. roberta g says:

    i had a similar question before and i went into target and actually looked at all the mascaras if you read the back it tells you if it should be used by contact lens wearers you should try it.!

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  9. Wonderlust Weirdness says:

    I presume you are concerned with getting imulsified mascara in your eyes from sweat???
    <blink> <blink>

    WHY USE IT ????? It just clogs up your pores !!!!!!

    When I was a semi-truck driver, one of my regular route stops was a "beauty" warehouse in Henderson, Nevada. Whenever I went inside to make a delivery, my gosh, the air was so strong with cosmetic chemical odor I had a hard time breathing! That was when I realized, my gosh, you mean women put THAT stuff on their faces????? Mmmmmphphmmmmmphh….. yuck!

    What guy would want to nuzzle up to you if you wear a cosmetic smear of chemicals ?????? Do you REALLY think it makes look you more beautiful ????? YUCK!!!!

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