What Is the Axis for on a Contact Lens Prescription?

On my contact prescription, both of my eyes are exactly the same, except for the axis. My right eye has a 90 axis and my left eye has an 80 axis. Does a difference of 10 really make a huge difference? Is it possible to just to order one box of contacts with a 90 axis and use it for both eyes. I don’t have an extra 0 bucks for both boxes of contacts right now and my current contact just ripped. Will it matter much?
Right and left eye:
Power: -4.00
BC: 8.60
DIA: 14.50
CYL: -1.25

Right eye axis: 90
Left eye axis: 80

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  1. Footprintz says:

    That’s hard to answer without seeing your whole prescription.

    It depends a lot on how much astigmatism you have in relation to the sphere power as to how much 10 degrees may make a difference.

    If you can write out the whole thing, it will be possible to advise you if it will work…

    EDIT ****

    Seeing your prescription now helps a lot.

    That – 1.25 is the astigmatism correction and is the part that should be at 90 or 80 degrees.

    -1.25 is only about 20 % of the total power so you should be ok with both at 90 axis.

    The best way for you to know is to try one of your right lenses you have now in your left eye before ordering, then you will know exactly what it will be like.

    You may notice a slight blur though with your right eye closed, but with both eyes open , you probably won’t notice it too much.

  2. My right eye axis is a ten and the left is 160. Is this a bad thing???

    Power: -6.00
    CYL: -2.25
    Axis: 10
    BC: 8.7
    DIA: 14.5

    Power: -7.00
    Axis: 160
    BC: 8.7
    DIA: 14.5

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