What Is My Contact Prescription/degree if I Know What Degree My Eye Glasses Are?

hi my prescription/degree for my eye glasses is
Right : -2.00
Left: -1.75

I want to know what is my contacts lens prescription/degree because i want to start wearing them now rather than wearing glasses

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  1. Your prescription will be exactly the same for contacts. People with astigmatism need to have a different prescription if they are getting contacts that do not have astigmatic correction, but the prescription you list does not include astigmatism.

    The only additional information needed is the curvature of your eye, which matters for contacts. (Big hat for a big head, and big contacts for a big eye.) Anyone who sells contacts should able to measure this for you.

    One thing to be aware of. You might take your glasses off to read. With contacts, you can still read with them, but it will make the muscles around the lens of your eye work harder to see close(accommodation). This is not dangerous, and it will not permanently hurt anything, but you might feel some eye strain.

  2. Ceryl W says:

    It’s probably exactly the same but you need an eye exam before you can get contacts as the prescriptions don’t convert.

  3. well,you will have to wear +2.00(or what ever the degree is) +1.75 on the left..
    you will have to wear different degree on left and right.

  4. Britter says:

    Frank is almost right, in that your contact prescription will be the same because you do not have any astigmatism. However, the other factor is that you have a low prescription. If you have a glasses prescription that is over 4.00 you need to account for the fact that glasses sit about 12-14 mm in front of your eyes, whereas contact lenses sit directly on your eye. So if you have a (-) prescription of say, -5.00 for glasses, the contacts will be less power maybe around -4.50 (I didn’t do the actual calculation; just making up examples). But if you have a (+) prescription of say +5.00 for glasses, the contact will be more power around +5.50. It just has to do with optics. That’s how it works.

    However, some people who have very low astigmatism (under 1.00), often get by wearing no correction for astigmatism in their contact lenses. Spherical lenses (they do not have any correction for astigmatism) are easier to fit and have more comfortable vision than toric lenses (they do have correction for astigmatism). Plus, most contact lenses have their lowest power for astigmatism correction of -0.75 in most cases.

    But the most IMPORTANT thing to realize is that you must go back to your eye doctor in order to get contact lenses. You cannot order them yourself. Contact lenses (like glasses) are a medical prescription and must be written by an eye doctor. So call your eye doctor and tell them that you would like to make an appointment to be fitted with contact lenses. You will go in for your appointment and get 1 pair of trial lenses to try for 1 week. They will also show you how to put the lenses in and out, and how to take care of them. When you return the following week, if they fit properly and are healthy for your eyes as deemed by the doctor, you can then go ahead and order as many boxes as you wish.

    So make yourself an appointment!!

  5. depending on your prescription your contacts might be different- but your doctor will determine all that

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