What Happens if You Have Very High Astigmatism?

How high can astigmatism go?

When it becomes very high, what is the danger? For example, at high risk of getting certain eye problems/diseases etc..

Can it be corrected through lifestyle changes?

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  1. I’m not an eye professional, but: I believe that a majority of people who go to an optometrist will find they have some astigmatism, probably around 0.25 to 0.5 diopter. If that’s all you have, you probably won’t care much. The minimum they bother to go after with contact lenses is 0.75D. Up to around maybe 2D is probably "normal" astigmatism, and up to 4 is "kind of a lot". There are diseases of the eye that can cause huge amounts, like 10D. I think astigmatism is more likely the symptom of an eye condition, not the cause.

    As for lifestyle changes, I don’t think there is solid information from studies. People talk about excessive eye rubbing or squinting as potentially leading to more astigmatism. I’ve read papers that suggest habitually looking to the side or with your head tilted may be causal factors. I suffer from astigmatism and am disappointed at the apparent lack of interest in finding out what, if any, outside factors may cause it – besides plain old genetics. It has definitely been documented that people with eyelid issues (bumps that put pressure on the eye) can develop astigmatism that later goes away when the eyelid problem is resolved. So not everyone is simply suffering from a genetic flaw.

  2. When you get very high astigmatism you go and see your optometrist. He’s a specialist and each person is different.

  3. I have 6D astigmastism, it has gradually gotten worse as I have aged. The problem is, most optometrist are not capable of correctly prescribing for very high astigmatism and most labs are not capable of cutting lenses for high astigmatism. I have been to 4 doctors in the last year (within 2 months of each other) each one has given me a different prescription and I have had 4 pairs of glasses made which I can not wear because they were not cut correctly. The labs will only recut once or twice and then you are out of luck (and money). I am still searching for a doctor with some specialty in high astigmatism.

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