What Happens if I Wear Expired Contact Lenses?

I have a pair of contact lenses STILL IN THE PACKAGE UNOPENED that have a printed expiration date of December, 2000. is it really unsafe to use these?

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  1. RandomMacaroons says:


    2000 is like, 9 years ago. Really, don’t take the risk at all.

  2. Not a good idea! I would suggest you throw them out right away. If you want to buy some cheap contact lenses, that last around a year. I would try QQ Contacts (I left the link for you below)… they have yearly non-prescription cosmetic contact lenses for around $30-$45… it’s cheap now! Not worth risking your eyes over it! Good Luck!

  3. Neither of these responses actually answer the question. I believe the person asking wants to know WHAT the risk is from, not just a reiteration of fear based on the expiration date. The real question is why do they expire? Does the plastic break down, releasing chemicals into the eye? Is the curvature of the lens compromised over time? I haven’t seen any real answers to this question on the various places it has been asked online.

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