What Happens if I Wear Daily Contact Lenses Too Long?

Can you use 1 day contacts more than once?

I have daily contact lenses, and have been told that i can wear them for about 10 hours a day. They are daily disposables.

Will wearing them for 13-14 (8am to 11pm) hours damage my eyes?

Also, will forgetting to take them out at night (so wearing them for 24 hours by accident) damage my eyes?
The lenses are boots premium lenses.

Thanks to all who answer.

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  1. When I first got contacts I was told not to wear them more than 12 hours each day and only for 5 days. Now I have silicon hydrogel lenses with are very breathable and I can wear them for 6 days although I make sure to take them out when I’m home so as not to over wear them. If you do that you can get horrible complications with damage to your eyes.

  2. Daily lenses are ment to be worn daily. They get dirty easily and are prone for bacterial infection if you keep them for to long.
    You can end up getting conjuctivitis, as well as corneal abrasions of too much dirt gets stuck on them.

    As for the weekly and monthly you need to keep them very clean, other wise the same as above can happen.

  3. bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. Your eyes could get whacked- alternate glasses and contact lenses often if you wear your lenses for any longer than 9 hours. Be careful, and maybe you should go and see an eye doctor, just in case it has already damaged your eyes.

  4. No I’ve had contact lenses for years, and I’ve kept them in for days before, and they’re considered the daily kind…nothing bad happens at all. Your eyes may get a little sore and when you go to finally take them out, they are a bit more difficult to get out, but overall, your eye sight doesn’t worsen and you won’t get conjunctivitis. I do not recommend wearing them over 24 hours very often though, since your eyes need some rest. Wearing a more breathable lens obviously allows you to wear them longer, which is a type I have- 02 optix. But no horror stories will occur if you keep them in for even a day or more, and regularly I keep mine in more than 14 hours a day.

  5. JOSEPH LIM says:

    dailies C.L. can wear up to 16hrs without sleeping so please remove your lens before you sleep if by accident you sleep with it rest your eye for 1 or two days after you removed it

  6. ur eye health will be affected…..eye will be dry and red…red is becos of lack of oxygen

  7. I appreciate that you are using Healthiest lenses available in world.
    Wearing for 12-16 hrs occasionally is fine but Sleeping with Daily disposable lenses is not suggested.It may damage cornea.


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