What Happens After an Eye Exam?

After you get an eye exam what do you do? What does the doctor give you so that you can go and get some glasses? I’m getting an eye exam at Cohens Fashion Optical I want to know the steps involved.

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    1. You will have a conversation with the eye Dr. and decide what should be next.

    2. Vald Poe says:

      You’ll get a paper prescription that the lens maker will use to make the lenses (if any) that you’ll need. The price for the lenses might not be covered by insurance. Be sure to take dark glasses with you to the exam. The eye doctor may dilate your pupils with an eye-drop solution, and they’ll stay dilated for a few hours. If the sun’s out, your eyes can hurt.

    3. ggrammysharon says:

      you are usually blind

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