What Happenes if I Put My Right Eye Contact Lens in My Left Eye and Vice Versa?

How to Know if Your Contacts are in the Wrong Eyes

I keep my right eye contact lenses in a box and my left eye ones in another box. My mom accidentaly mixed them up. I have the same number for both of my eyes, but i remember the doctor saying that there was something different in my eyes which required different contact lenses. So is it ok if i put the wrong contact lens in my eye?

What happens when you put the wrong contact in the wrong eye?

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  1. your perscriptions are diffrent for each side.







  2. coffee!!! says:

    you’ll probably get dizzy or headaches or walk into walls. OR if your eyesight is as terrible as mine you’ll do all three! so try to figure it out

  3. Depending on how close your eyes are in prescription, it might sting very badly when you put them in. Most people have eyes that are slightly different in shape and prescription. If you put a contact made for one eye in the other, you’ll either know immediately or within 2-5 minutes because it will sting like crazy. It won’t do any permanent damage. It’ll just make your eye temporarily bloodshot and irritated.

  4. All BareMinerals ©All-Natural says:

    If it is the same perscription then it doesn’t matter because I mix mine up all the time & it doesn’t matter because they’re the exact same lense.

  5. kasumicat says:

    If both eyes have the same prescription, it does not matter which one you use.

  6. zorro_foxygirl says:

    You should be ok if both eyes have the exact same prescription

  7. Laviniaa says:

    it’s happened to me but i have different prescriptions so i can tell
    but i think your doctor might have been referring to astigmatism or something in one eye so if you mixed them up, you’d tell cuz it wouldn’t stay in place properly and move whenever you blinked

  8. Hmm you can try and see if you feel any discomfort.
    I’ve done that and if one eye feels werid i switch them back and its usually fine, so if you put them in and you feel any discomfort or its blurry switch them, and you’ll be fine.
    If the wrong contact is in the wrong eye, its usually easy tell, because it’ll be well blurry and your might get dizzy and get a headache and you dont want that. (:

    hope i was helpful

  9. tinaluvsglass says:

    no,i would call your eye dr and ask them to suggest help.if you are using disposable(monthly,biweekly,dailies,whatever).i suggest you just open a new pair and avoid the headaches of figuring out which one is which…good luck!

  10. Dizzyness.

  11. Since your doctor says you have different lenses for each eye, I think it’s pretty important that you make sure each goes in the right eye. The effects could be wide and varied to difficulty with vision and movement/depth perception, you could cause long term damage to your eyes, etc.

    I strongly suggest that you wear the lenses in the correct eye. If your doctor made a distinction between them, there’ must be a good reason. Better to waste this week’s lenses than cause permanent damage!

  12. ☆Addison says:

    Unless your eyes sites are the same, you might notice a change in vision. Also, your eye measurements are different so it might feel uncomfortable as if "something is in your eye" or it might even dislodge at one point.

    I can usually tell when it’s in the wrong eye by not my vision change but by the way it covers my eye. If you look closely in the mirror and notice the ring around your eye isn’t even (as if its not staying centered or the ring is way larger than your pupil) , it’s probably the wrong contact. :-)

    Don’t make this into a habit though, because it can damage your cornea. Also, the foil wrapping will say the dimensions of the contact lenses. If you still have your prescription card you can see which eye its for. Or just give your an OP a call and they can pull the prescription up for you.


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