What Exactly Is 20/30 Vision and Will I Need Glasses?

I recently got an eye exam and my far vision is 20/20 and my near 20/30 vision does that mean i need glasses?

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    1. One eye can see clearly at 20 feet while the other can see clearly at 30 feet. You do not need glasses at the moment. If your vision goes below 20, you might need to get glasses.

    2. Hi there. When a person is given results that involve the term 20/20 it certainly does not reflect the actual prescription, just as FOOTPRINT mentioned. I think what AVATAR was trying to explain is that when someone would tell a patient they have 20/50 vision, for example, it means they have to stand at 20ft for what a person with perfect vision could see from 50ft away. Most doctors do not like to use the term 20/20 because a lot more goes into giving a patient a prescription, even though many patients are accustomed to ask, "am I 20/20?". Truly it has no value.

      Your prescription sounds very slight and at this point it would be up to you to decide if it were time to get glasses. It is not required at this point. Hope this helps.

    3. i’d say wait on the glasses,
      my vision is 20/200 so yes,
      i’m supposed to wear glasses
      but i’m going to get contacts soon.

    4. I would say you can get glasses and only wear them when you actually need them.

    5. footprintz123 says:

      Whatever Avatar said makes no sense at all.

      Why do people who have no clue even bother to try answering technical questions about subjects they don’t understand.

      It simply means that you seem to have a slight problem reading…so if it bothers you…get glasses….if it doesn’t bother you yet…then don’t worry about it.

      That is just your visual acuity results, but that doesn’t give an accurate idea of what your prescription may be.

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