What Exactly Does Contact Lens Diameter Measure?

I am wondering about contact lens diameter.

The contact lens I am currently using is 14.5 in diameter, but I am currently out of the country and having a hard time finding 14.5 lenses. Does the contact lens diameter measure the diameter of the pupil/area of the contact lens covering the pupil, or does it measure the diameter of the entire lens itself? Also, what differences will I experience if I switched to a 14.2 or 14.0 lens?

Sorry, I meant iris, not pupil.

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  1. The diameter of the contact lens depends upon the diameter of the cornea but there is no hard and fast for that.Lens should be 2.0 mm larger than the diameter of the cornea. I think it depends upon the availability of the lenses.No differece between 14.2 and 14.0

  2. honestly, you probably won’t notice a difference. it is the diameter of the entire lens. certain brands only come in one diameter, but what will make a difference is the base curve (the 8.5 or 8.7, etc). 14.5 is actually very large, the largest size, so i would think (although not from experience) that going smaller would be more comfortable, as that part of your eye is used to having a contact lens on it. if you were going from small to large it may be uncomfortable having a lens on a new part of your eye (if that makes sense).

  3. It’s the diameter of the lens itself. In most cases, you won’t notice much difference at all. WIth colored lenses, they tend to be 14.5 so that they cover more of your eye and you won’t have your natural color sticking out past the edges.

    I would not recommend that you wear a different lens other than what you are prescribed, though. Don’t just order something else because you are out of the country. Lots of websites will deliver all over the world, so just go to CoastalContacts.com and order your correct lenses. If you have the boxes with you, you can just get the brand name and all the numbers you need off the side of the box.

  4. Hi there, I am a newbee contact lense wearer and my optometrist has prescribed a 14.5 diameter contact lense for me. This seems HUGE around my eye and is +/- 3mm larger than my cornea area. I asked him if I can have a smaller one rather (as a friend told me it looks like I have a fake eye) and apparently the smallest I can go is to a 14 diameter, which wouldn’t be worth it. Just want to check before I take his word on it.
    Many thanks!

  5. The Black Out lens are Base Curve 8.6 and Diameter 14.5….even though the diameter is .3 larger, will the lens fit my eyes without any problem, or at least be able to keep them in without them falling out??
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  6. w. Hunter says:

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