What Does 20/20- Vision Mean?

I recently took an eye exam and was told that my vision corrects to 20/20- instead of 20/20. What does this mean?

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    • what does -7 0 mean in contact lenses on the 20 scale


    1. It means normal vision. Google "visual acuity" to learn more.

    2. 20/20- (minus) means you read most the letters on the 20/20 line correctly with the exception of 1 or 2 of them. You got most right which gives you credit for the whole line.

    3. 20/20- Simply means that you can see the letters from 20 ft. away correctly but probably missed a letter.

      When your taking the eye test or snellen chart your allowed one wrong letter and its probably just their way of documenting it.

    4. nevermind says:

      It is an average on sight scale.

    5. It means you have excellent eye sight. I went through surgery and am no where near that. be thankful always.

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