What Do Guys Think of Girls That Wear Color Contact Lenses?

I have natural light brown eyes , and I also wear glasses. Recently not so long ago , I bought some lenses , but they are color lenses! (yes yupi xD) They are like hazel-green , I really love them and people say they look soo natural and beautiful on me. Anyways… I was wondering…If you were with a girl and she has gorgeous eyes but you discover they are lenses…what would you think?

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  1. Jassyxox says:

    its very fake

  2. iThrowMolotovCocktails says:

    i think your beautiful just the way you are!! why cover that up? /go be some guys brown eyed girl!

  3. i heart bunnys lolz says:

    Get very mad!!!!!!!

  4. unnatural
    more money then regular contacts so why waste more money?
    want more? i have more

  5. Just don’t get angry if he screws up when talking about your eye color, wa wa wawawawa. I say, if you like them to keep on rockin’ them. I’d be a bit surprised if I had a girl change eye color like that, but it’s nothing to worry about.

  6. thesongfairy says:

    Well, if that’s your real hair I wouldn’t be surprised……. hehehe I would stare into them just as long and hopefully no matter what their color. Of course I’d have to examine the rest of your body very closely to see if each pare and area was real. I’d probably sit up daily and weekly inspections just to keep you on your toes. If your toes are real. I would think you made them beautiful just to attract me. And it worked. HAND. 8>}

  7. My misses always wears them and i think she looks really nice. They aren’t expensive either if you go to the right places. She gets hers from http://www.beautifeye.co.uk and all the lenses come with free solution ,free postage and lens storage case all for £10. Steve

  8. *αηgεl ƒɾøʍ τнє dαɾќ* says:

    I know all my guy friends would be disappointed. I had a friend who wore green lenses when her real eyes were brown and guys thought she was fake.
    I think if they make you happy, wear it. If you meet a guy, tell him your natural eye color if you guys get past the first date. If he doesn’t want to date you, then it’s his loss. He shouldn’t be dating you for your eyes or judging you until you guys get really personal, and a first date isn’t that personal!!

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