What Contact Lens Prescription Number Is Legally Blind?

I’ve always wondered…you know the number on your prescription for contact lenses?? What counts as legally blind??

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  1. The severity of your prescription doesn’t have anything to do with whether you are legally blind or not. In the state of Oklahoma, legal blindness is defined as being unable to see better than 20/50 in the best eye with BEST CORRECTION. That means you could be EXTREMELY farsighted or nearsighted and as long as you are able to see better than 20/50 while wearing either eyeglasses or contact lenses then you would not be considered legally blind. The only exception to this would be if an individual had an eye disease that dramatically restricted their peripheral vision. In this situation the patient may have better than 20/50 central visual acuity but if they have restricted peripheral vision they could be considered to be legally blind. Each state sets its own standards as to what amount of acuity loss is necessary to be considered legally blind.

  2. Anything worse than 20/200 that cannot be improved with corrective lenses.

  3. I have asked that same question. Of course, the severity of your prescription tells you how bad your eyesight is. I believe mine is -4.75 at this point, and my eye doctor has told me that I am legally blind. Years ago when my prescription was -3 something he told me I was legally blind, but I have idea of the exact number that would be considered blind. The catch of this is, your eyesight may be so horrible that you cannot function without wearing some sort of corrective lenses and are in fact blind, but until such point as you cannot function WITH the use of corrective lenses, you are not considered legally blind to the government. Unfortunately, I dont know how bad your eyesight has to be to be uncorrectable with lenses, i wish i knew. For some reason it is very hard to get this information from eye specialists until it has already happened to you.

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