What Causes Blurred Vision After Taking Out My Monovision Contact Lens?

Question by harlee21: What causes blurred vision after taking out my monovision contact lens?
I have been wearing one contact lens for 4 months. I believe it is a bifocal lens. I see great for reading and adjusted to the one lens, my problem is when i get home from work, take the lens out. Everything is blurry in that eye. I cant see the computer, i cant see the TV. Whether Im looking at something up close or far away. I worried Im ruining my eyesight in that eye by just wearing one contact. Please let me know if anyone has any of these same symptoms w/ monovision contacts, hopefully I’m not crazy!!

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Answer by r_wadhwa
You do not have to worry:
1) If your contact lens fitting is OK, you do not have to worry.
Bad fit can mean:a) colored haloes around light in evening b)painful while wearing or after removal

2) If fit is OK, you are only feeling a “reorientation of your focusing system”

3) You may take to spectacles after removal of the contact lens and that will speed up the reorientation on removal of lenses

Answer by sanki
Using contact lenses, involves some amount of risk, since the amount of oxygen available to the cornea is reduced. So if you are feeling uncomfortable wearing the lenses, contact a doctor immediately.More details and information at http://eye-care.in/contactlens.html

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  1. crystal d says:

    I just removed my colored contacts, my left eye does not hurt but is sorda blury. These are Not perscipded, I got them at a fashon2u store, but hellp.! its bugging me.!!! :'(

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