What Are the Dangers of Wearing Ripped Contact Lenses?

Torn Contact Lenses

First off, these ain’t to correct my vision, their just to change my eye color. So I bought some blue contact lenses today, and while cleaning one of them, it ripped. I spent so I’m not gonna buy a new pair, is it ok to wear a ripped one? There only soft.

How do they damage/scratch my cornea?

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  1. william says:

    If you’re foolish enough to try to wear a damaged lens, then you deserve what you get. Here’s what you’ll get.

    First the lens will hurt while the torn edges are scrapping across the eye and lids making the eye red, watery and irritated.

    Then if you persist the irritation will turn into scratches on the eye and lids. The lids may swell, the vision gets cloudy, and the eyes become even more painful.

    Then if you continue the scratches will ultimately get infected causing the lashes to stick together from pus.

    Without medical attention the infected scratches become ulcers and if left unattended the ulcers may perforate the cloudy cornea with loss of eye pressure. If the whole eye becomes infected it must be removed before the infection follows the optic nerve
    to the other eye infecting it.

    Now I have never heard of this happening because I have never heard of anyone preferring to wear a damaged lens than spend $10.00 for a new replacement lens.

  2. No, it is not okay to wear a ripped contact lens. You can damage/scratch your cornea and possibly get an eye infection.

  3. ..::Krystal::.. says:

    Well im guessing color and regular contacts feel the same? If so your ripped contact will cause terrible irritation and can damage your eye. Plus with the irritation you know you’ll probably rub your eye which can cause you to scratch the eye. Remember that even though its made to be put into your eye, its still a foreign object to the eye. So if not used properly you can cause damage.

  4. Agnostic latino says:

    Because of the fact that it is ripped, it can be a little torn on one end causing it to be a little sharper and the whole lense won’t move evenly. A contact lense is supposed to be able to move evenly as a whole.

    Plus I’d imagine it would be hard to put it on because it just wouldn’t adjust well. I once ripped one of my contact lenses by accident and it just wouldn’t fit right and it was just uncomfortable overall. Though I don’t know about infections or anything like that, I just wouldn’t advise it.

    But you can try them and keep wearing them and if they dont irritate your eye and you’re comfortable wearing them then good for you. However I just wouldn’t advise it.

  5. Callie says:

    I shouldn’t be saying this, but I have worn ripped contacts before. Wearing a ripped contact will feel funny though. It will feel like you have something in your eye. Now I know some people are going to think you already feel the contact in your eye, but I do not feel my contacts at all.

  6. Amanda says:

    EXTREME discomfort.

  7. hey can you fix a ripped contact?

  8. No, it should be discarded and you should use a new one.

  9. I wear blue colored contacts, and my left one got scratched. Now it hurts very badly. Is there a way to repair scratches?

  10. The best thing to do with a scratched contact lens is just replace it with a new one.

  11. Karlee Rowan says:

    What if it’s just a little scratched?

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