What Are the Best Colored Toric Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes?

I would like to get colored contact lenses but I have an astigmatism and require toric lenses. I have heard of Durasoft 2 Optifit Toric Opaques..has anyone tried these?..in the grey or green color? However, please do not recommend Freshlook Color Blends, I do not believe they look good on me. Thanks!

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  1. GingerinLV says:

    It’s really an individual preference regarding what looks best. I happen to like the FL Colorblends however you do not. The same with Durasoft 2 Toric & Durasoft 3 Toric colors. D2 colors are exactly the same as the D3 colors (as far as the colors being the same shade), however there are some differences. D2’s have less choices in colors and they are a dailywear lens. You cannot sleep in them AT ALL! D3 lenses are an extended wear lens (can be worn longer throughout the day), if you accidentally fall asleep with them on they won’t damage your eyes like the D2’s, and they have many more colors to choose from. They make D3 Toric Colors & D3 Toric Compliments. About 15 or so colors to choose from. The D3’s are more costly, of course, but overall a better (and more comfortable) lens. Unfortunately, this is the only option for your Rx, other than FL Toric Colorblends. No other brands offer toric colors. I wore D3’s many moons ago, but honestly I can’t remember what they looked like. I must have liked them if I wore them, but there really wasn’t any other colored lens back then to compare them to. It was those or nothing basically, regardless of how they looked. You were just happy you could actually change your eye color back then! Ha! I would suggest asking your eye doctor if they have diagnostic lenses for you to try on the colors, before buying them. Colored lenses look different on everyone, due to the pigments in your iris. Blue may look good on you, but horrible on me! Anyway, hope this info helps. Good luck!

  2. I don’t think it’s possible to make toric lenses colored.

  3. I agree. Freshlooks are terrible. I don’t wear toric lenses, so I haven’t tried the ones you mentioned.

    Get the green opaques if you have brown eyes. Green seems to look the most realistic on people with naturally brown eyes. Go with the gray if you have dark blue or hazel eyes, though.

    I have very, very dark brown eyes (almost black) and I wore goldish-green opaques forever because it looked really natural on me. People would always say I had lovely green eyes and only one person in the 4 years or so that I was wearing them ever asked if I was wearing color contacts.

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