What Are Some Reasons People Can't Wear Contact Lenses?

I wanna get contact lenses bad and I got an appointment to check if my eyes suit for them. The secretary said that it’s not about the eye development, so what are the reasons some people can’t wear contacts?

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  1. Some people may not be able to insert them, or maybe they are allergic to the material. Good luck, I hope you can get them.

  2. shoppinggirl107 says:

    some people can’t and i meant CANT touch their eye. My friend cant even WACTH me put my contacts in haha. Or their eyes may not be suited for contacts.

  3. star_puk says:

    The shape of your cornea.

    My eye doctor (or boss) cannot wear colored contacts (only clear) because the shape that the colored contacts are in do not match the shape of her cornea.

    You can think of them as puzzle pieces, except puzzles are more detailed and contacts are more simplified.

  4. Maybe the eyes is too dry or the eyes is too flat or too round.

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