There Is Something Stuck on My Contact Lens?

Question by : There is something stuck on my contact lens?
Okay so , I mostly wear transparent contact lenses . And lately I discovered something stuck on my right side contact lens . I tried scrubbing it off but it wont come off . So any suggestions to help me get this THING off my contact lens ? BTW , I just bought them 2 weeks ago . :/

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Answer by Footprintz
Well, we can’t see what you are talking about, and your description is kind of useless too ( “this thing” doesn’t mean much ) , but if something is stuck on your lens, all you can do is throw it away.

Answer by hippo37
Are you lenses actually hurting? If there is something stuck to it then it will be sore. Do you have an astigmastism ( toric lenses)? If you do then there is a mark on them to show the fitter that they are sitting at the right part on the eye. When I first noticed this on mine I thought they had something “stuck ” on them and as its part of the lens it doesnt’ come out.

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