There Is a Small Reddish Spot on My Disposable Contact Lens and I Can’t Remove It. What Could It Be?

Question by rawr: There is a small reddish spot on my disposable contact lens and I can’t remove it. What could it be?
I noticed it when I took the contact out of my eye. I tried to wash and rub it off but it won’t come off. Could it be blood? I don’t think I scratched my eye because it doesn’t hurt and my eye looks fine. What could this spot be? And should I throw out the lens and replace it?

Best answer:

Answer by grizzly
you must remove and get new ones because your eyes would get messed up if you don’t change them immediately.

Answer by Mike
Something probably fell in your eye and got stuck to the outside of the lens… it might be a piece of metal or rock since its stuck inside, and it also means its fairly sharp
on the up side the lens protected your eye
on the downside you need a new lens, since if you keep wearing this one it might push the piece through and scratch up your eye

so get a new lens, they’re cheaper than eyes

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