So I Went to the Eye Doctors My Vision Is 20/60 Can I Still Drive?

20/60 is with glasses on, it’s the best that can be done…my eye sight has been getting worse for years but since I’ve been out of the country I couldn’t get a real eye exam…they are now horrible. I guess i should say I’m 20 yrs old.

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    1. If your license is currently unrestricted, you can still legally drive. However, as it is not very safe, I wouldn’t suggest it.
      However, if you have to renew your license and you are unable to pass the exam, you cannot legally drive.

    2. I believe it really depends on where you live. I have 20/100 vision and my doctor told me that I may be able to drive and have a license in a very rural area but not in NJ where I live right now. So I would definitely think being that 20/60 is MUCH better than 20/100 you should be able to. You just have to be able to pass the vision exam but I would definitely check your state’s laws regarding vision and driving. You could just google it, that’s what I did. Good Luck, I miss driving!

    3. Gnick1999 says:

      so sorry to hear of your problem—

      usually 20/40 vision in one eye is required to drive safely in the US.

      I hope there is a way you can achieve 20/40–

      My best wishes…………………

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