Red Eyes After Removing My Contact Lenses?

Question by Sally: Red eyes after removing my contact lenses?
I have been using Freshcon ( a colour contact lens) for about 2 years until I had a infection. I stopped using contact lens for about 2 months and later, I changed to Acuvue Oasys. I used to use Complete solution a lot until someone pointed out that Opti-free is better. I used Acuvue Oasys(2 weeks) and Opti-free together. When i used the brand new contact, it was totally fine and comfortable. However, when the second time i used the same contact, my eyes always turned red after I removed my contacts. I went to my doctor many times and he said it was not infection, but my eyes were a bit dry. I am really frustrated with this situation. Am i allergic to the solution? Why this happened every time when i wore my contacts the second time??

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Answer by hippo37
I think you need to change your eye doctor. Not all are equally good with helpign wehn there aer problems. Red eyes after you take them out tend to be a sign of overwear but if you aren’t having it first time it can’t be that.

Dry eyes are a problem with contacts. There aer loads of possible causes adn solutions on answers you can hunt for. Solution can make a difference. You need to go to another fitter and ask for a different opinion, or at least an explanation of why this is a problem only with the second time of wear. It tends to imply a problem with cleaning the lens – are you rubbing enough and for long enough?

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