Q&a: How Do You Tell Which Contact Lens Goes in Which Eye?

Question by cacacheddar: How do you tell which contact lens goes in which eye?
This morning I accidentally mixed up my contacts, so I don’t know which contact is for my left and right eye. I have two different prescriptions; the right one has a higher prescription Is there a way to figure out which one goes into my left and right eye? Is the thicker contact lens usually the one with a higher prescription? Thanks

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Answer by Nicholas L.
If they are different prescriptions, you should be able to tell when you put them on.

If the prescriptions are really close, it could be difficult to tell; however. In that case, throw them away and use a new pair.

Answer by Paul L
Well, I’ve been wearing contacts on & off for 20 years or so, and I don’t recall ever switching them (on purpose or by mistake).

If you put your left lens in your right eye, you may not be able to see as well. Take them out, switch them and put them back in (after rinsing them of course). If you can see normally again, you will know that you have it right.

When I put my contacts in, I open the left side of the storage case, put in the lens, then I open the right side & put that in. This way, I never get them mixed up.

Good luck.

Answer by Elf Ish
Unfortunatly, there isn’t a proper way to do this really.

I used to have two different types of lens for each eye, so one was blue and one was green, but now I’m on the same I cannot tell the difference for love nor money! I basically put lens A in my left eye, and cover my right eye to see how things look. Then I try lens B. Whichever looks better is, I assume, the correct lens for that eye, but there are no garuntees. You can usually tell when you have them in wrong because the world looks screwy!

Answer by lightbender4
to quote the song from offspring “you gotta keep em separated hey heeey”. Now that they are possibly mixed up…no way to tell which is which. Unless you had different brand in each eye..then you still have a chance. if the prescription is very diff in each eye and they are switched, your vision will feel “off” and you may start to get a headache at some point.

Answer by ajayx2001
umm, usually when you get the eyes tested, they give you an uniform number, i.e. both the eyes will have the same power. so you can put any contacts in any eyes. but it’s perferable, if you one in right, then always use it in that right eye only

Answer by nalaredneb
I know the feeling. Just use trial and error. You will know when you have the lens in the correct eye.

Answer by RoVale
Some brands have a little dot on one of the lenses (usually the right) to let you know which one goes into the correct eye while some others have the right lens slightly tinted. I’ve used both kinds over the years.

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