Prescription-free Eye Color Contacts?

I have really dark brown eyes and I am tired of having them, and want different color eyes. Is there anywhere I can get cheap perscription-free color contacts? Websites PLEASE :)

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  1. Girl with Truthiness says:

    Its very important that the contacts you wear properly fit you, whether you need a prescription or not. An optometrist should measure your base curve and the diameter of your cornea for a proper fit, or it could lead to massive eye problems. You want to make sure you also aren’t getting contacts that DON’T require a prescription. You shouldn’t trust those. These are your eyes! More important than we all take time to realize…

    There are horror stories about people experimenting on their own with contacts, so don’t do it please!

  2. Brandon L says:

    A general rule is:

    If you have dark complexion, you should use lighter color lens.

    If you have light complexion, you should use darker color lens.

    This will make your eyes stand out more.

    Check out this site for more info.

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