Is There ANY Way I Can Sell My Unused/Unoped Colored Contact Lens Leftovers?

Buy back unused contact lenses?

Is there ANY way I can sell my unused/unopened contact lens leftovers?! eBay prohibits selling them, but I’ve moved to a higher prescription AND brand… and now I have seven unopened, unused pairs of Acuvue Hazel (-0.50 prescription, 8.3 base curve, 14 diameter) contacts laying around the house I can’t use!! I already know the whole speech about “medical devices” and such… but I seriously don’t want these to go to waste after I’ve already paid my insurance for them!! …any suggestions?

WHOOPS!! I meant -0.50 prescription! LOL!

-50 prescription

Is there such a thing as a contact lenses buyback?

Buy Back Unused Contacts

[CLC Answer:] We got a hold of people at 1-800-Contacts and here is what they said when we asked if they buy back old contact lenses:

Everything we sell is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if your prescription changes we’re happy to take back any unused lenses for an exchange or refund.

If you didn’t purchase the lenses from us, we can still take lenses back for a credit. However, we can only take back lenses that are in unmarked sealed boxes, and have at least 1 year left before they expire. Please just reply with your name, billing address, and phone number and we’ll be happy to let you know how to proceed with returning lenses. We’ll even send you a prepaid shipping label.


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  1. cragslist or however u spell it would work

  2. happy wife and mom of 3! says:

    craigslist or local paper.

  3. Donate them to Good Will or put an add in t
    he local paper about them.

  4. I’ve been wearing contacts for 10 yrs, and I had the same problem! The vision center I was going to actually bought the contacts back from me! It all depends on the prescription and if they already have it in stock or if they need to order them. Give it a try. What was the prescription on those again?

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