Is There a Contact Lens Disposal Conspiracy?

I have been wearing the same Acuvue 2 lenses for over 6 months now. I sleep in them almost every single night i take them out maybe once every two weeks for a day or two then back in for a couple more weeks. I have been following this typical path of use for several years now. I know every single optician out there will say I am "playing with fire" "why risk it you only have two eyes". I went to the eye doc yesterday and he said my eyes were totally and completely HEALTHY. Can someone please explain to me this necessity to dispose of contacts at an astronomical rate. Seems to me like it is nothing more than contact companies buying off doctors recommendations to make more profit. I have not experienced ONE problem with keeping my contacts in this long. MY eye doctor (who has no idea I keep my contacts in for so long) can not even tell the difference between my eyes and the eyes of a perfect contact wearing patient. When I ask hI am about leaving them in for longer he says "Don’t do it! it can and will damage your eyes" yet after YEARS of wearing 2 week disposables for well over 30 to 60 days continuously he can not find anything wrong with my eyes and can not even tell I have not been following his recommendations. So what is the deal, am I just special and have AMAZING eyes, or are there more people out there that have had sI amilar experiences as I have? I cant take any optometrist seriously after he says "contacts can damage your eyes if you leave them in for extended amounts of time" sI amply because it is absolutely not true in my case. I am starting to think that almost all of those warnings are nothing more than Johnson&Johnson trying to earn an extra buck off people’s insecurities regarding their eyes. IN all honesty any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks
what will a 100 mph car crash for my eyes look like? In all seriousness, when/if this abuse does catch up with me what will the I amplications be? Is it just the same as all the warnings for typical extended contact wear, or will I have extra problems due to enhanced abuse. ie can I keep abusing them till I start to see signs of problems, or due to my excessive abuse will the first symptoms jump straight to somethign potentially very serious and permanent?

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  1. Footprintz says:

    You are the one in 10,000 who is just extremely lucky so far. Very few can get away with anything even close to that kind of abuse.

    We see people all the time with GPC’s, corneal ulcers, neovascularization among other problems , all caused by overwearing contacts. And that is on people who have abused them a lot less than you.

    You may think you are doing something real smart but it’s like driving a car at 100 MPH all the time…some day you will have a crash….there is little doubt of that.

  2. I wore daily disposable contact lenses for 6 months at a time (removing them every night) with no consequence. I was using daily disposable Acuvue 1-Day lenses and never any degradation of the lens, irritation, or vision problems due to the lens being old.

    I bought 30 pair of these lenses 5 years ago and only now went back to get a checkup and new prescription. I was told my eyes were very healthy, but my doctor seemed baffled that the daily disposable lenses would last that long and cautioned me not to continue wearing them for longer than recommended.

    It seems like the first lenses I had were not disposable (they were soft lenses that lasted a few years), but now only lenses with a short life are made, forcing us to spend more money on replacements. If there are really health risks, I would like to see evidence.

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