I'm Out of Saline Solution, Is There an Alternative Way to Store Soft Contact Lenses?

What other fluids are safe for storing contact lenses overnight?

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  1. Justinsane says:

    salt water. boil the jug in a cup of water put a table spoon of plain salt (not iodised) in mix it up let it cool down and you have made saline solution

  2. well, if its critical, use water.

  3. Never ever ever use water or homemade saline to store contact lenses. Bacteria or microorganisms in tap water can latch onto contact lenses and cause infection. There’s a particularly nasty microorganism called acanthamoeba which can be found in tap water and if it’s transferred into your eye it can multiply and destroy your cornea leading to permanent blindness. In some extreme cases your entire eye could be destroyed. That’s why you’re also advised not to wear your lenses in the shower, and to make sure your hands are dry before you handle your lenses.

    If you don’t have any saline solution left then wear your glasses until you can properly clean and sterilise your lenses. It’s not worth taking the risk!

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