If I Forged the Expiration Date on My Contact Lens Prescription Will It Work?

my prescription is expried ok I’ve changed the date on my prescription to 2009 lol And I was wondering if has anybody tried this and gotten away with it? I am hoping it works when i go to the store. or do they contact the doctors?

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  1. It’s illegal but since its not a controlled drug the worse that will happen is that they will send you away. I work in the pharmacy and we don’t have to verify a prescription with the doctor unless it looks suspicious or somethings unclear. For example: the doctor writes the precription with black ink and you use a blue pen to change the date or some fancy pen that has a totally different look than the original. I mean, its just contact lenses lol

    P.S. ( why cant you just get a new prescription from your Dr.???)

  2. Curious Me says:

    Why don’t you just call the doctors and ask for another one?

  3. pinky120@ymail.com says:

    Im pretty sure they verify with the doctor before filling prescriptions.

  4. JAMES - says:

    It is not clever to deceitful.

  5. mountie218 says:

    What your are talking about is illegal. Don’t do it.

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