How Much Will Medicare Pay for Perscription Contact Lenses.?

does anybody know how much medicaid or medicare will cover of contact lenses, i’m so sick of wearing glasses.

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  1. Absolutely nothing.

  2. It depends on your insurance.

    Sorry I forget what I got paid for, but I think I was left with either 400 or 150 dollars….

    When you get contacts, keep your glasses for backup and for house-use.

    Always take out your contacts when you clean, as chemicals or gasses from the chemicals could be absorbed. Do not go swimming in contacts.

    NEVER sleep in contacts. When you blink, your contacts will rub against the cornea, and when you sleep you go into rapid eye movement, which *really* rubs against the cornea, which could tear the cornea and infections is possible. But your eyes could heal somewhat quickly…

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