How Much Will It Really Cost Me to Get an Eye Exam and Contacts?

How much will it cost? Eye exam and contacts. Im not talking about getting a year supply just a box. Do I have to buy two boxes? One for my right eye and one for my left? Silly question but I was confused looking at the site on . Anywhere cheaper then walmart? I have medicade but I know they wont pay for contact prescription.

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    1. Wayne T says:

      Exam about USD$80.00 the lenses very a lot depending

      if you get the long term or standard type and then only the supplier can tell you that and there are a lot of them out there so shop around for the kind you get.
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    2. Masseur_at_Play says:

      if you have stigmatism you can expect prices to be twice as expensive for exams and three times as expensive for contacts… on a price/cost basis, you are better off getting corrective surgery done, the cleaning fuids, contacts, exams, etc. all add up, and sometimes eyes reject contacts after years of using them

    3. funktank says:

      Wayne T: USD$80 – bloody hell, it’s only £10 in the UK.

    4. Heather R says:

      You have to pay for the eye exam and the contact lens fitting seperately (usually about $120- $150 together), and then for the lenses themselves. They can cost $20 a box to $200 a box depending on the type of lens and you prescription (the size and curve of your eye and if you have astigmatsim). Wal-Mart is probably the cheapest that you will find.

    5. J Stang says:

      I had my exam and contact fitting at a Wal-Mart Vision Center. I don’t have vision insurance, and it only cost me $91. That included my exam/fitting, one trial pair of contacts, a starter kit with solution and contact case, and my prescription so that I can order my contacts online or at any eye doctor’s office.

      You don’t have to buy 2 boxes of contacts, no. If your vision is the same in both eyes, you can buy one box and make pairs from it. If your vision isn’t the same in both eyes, you will have to buy a box for each eye according to your prescription. Contacts don’t have a left and right from the factory; we make our own left and right according to the power in each eye.

      The price on your contacts is hard to say. If you have astigmatism they will cost more than someone who doesn’t have astigmatism. The prices on all contacts range anywhere from $10 per box on up into the hundreds…it depends on brand, length of time they can be worn before disposing of, for astigmatism or not, etc. The cheapest will be the daily disposables (which are also cool because you don’t have to clean them- wear them once and throw them away), then weeklies, bi-weeklies, monthlies, and yearlies (most expensive).

      I have found that I can get my contacts much cheaper online. The Wal-Mart Vision Center has competitive prices on contacts, but I can still save some money by ordering from, even after figuring in my shipping cost. And I get my contacts in 5 days or less with standard shipping…you can always upgrade to express shipping if you need yours faster.

      If you’re really concerned about the price on your contacts, just tell your eye doctor a certain range you’d like to stay within per box of contacts…he/she may be able to suggest some contacts suitable for you that also have a reasonable price.

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