How Much Are Prescription Contacts at Walmart?

How much are contacts at walmart?

How much is the total price to get them fit and everything without the insurance? and do they give you the vision on a paper so that you would order them online. or do they just give you a pair for free. also do they sell color contacts. what would be the price for all of this. I just want to know how much do contacts cost at walmart?

Does walmart give contact lens exams?

Yes, many Wal-Marts have vision centers in their store. Call the store in your area to check for sure.

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  1. ☼~Setha...~☼ says:

    I just went to Walmart in WI and paid nearly $100 for everything–the exam, contact fitting, and a box of Acuvue Oaysis contacts (3+ month supply). Yes, they offer colored contacts. They can give you your prescription so you can order them online, but I would definitely recommend you buy them there.

    And, you can ask your eye doc for some free trial pairs, which last anywhere from 1 week to a month or so.

  2. My daughter got an exam at a Wal Mart in Iowa, where she goes to college. Her exam was $111.

    Her contact lens prescription had changed, so they gave her a sample pair of contacts. She went back to buy a couple of boxes (Acuvue Oasis – $35/box) of contacts and asked for her prescription. They refused to give it to her, telling her she HAD to buy her contacts from them. She refused to buy any contacts from them.

    When I went to visit her, I got the prescription, but had to threaten them with a complaint to the state optometry board.

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