How Long Is to Long for a Contact Lens to Stay in the Eye?

Question by jenki2008: How long is to long for a contact lens to stay in the eye?
I’m new at this,and I put mine in a week ago and still have them in.No problems and I’m putting drops in everyday and night.what I want to know is if I’m okay or not.they are disposeable by the way.

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Answer by BabyBlues
Ask your eye doctor, better yet, they should have told you, since you are new at it.

Answer by Jason K
Longest I’ve worn it was 2 days. straight

Answer by -=Yung=-
18 hours maximum.

Answer by LeGuy
You’d have to ask your doctor, because it depends on the contact lens you have. Some need to be replaced daily, others weekly, and some monthly. Try reading the box, it will probably have some helpful information on it.

Answer by nite_angelica
Call your doctor. I can’t imagine that that is ok.

I wear disposable contacts too, but I still have to take them out at night. That can cause a horrible eye infection.

Answer by cz73kz
Depends on what kind they are. I have Focus Night and Day, and can technically leave them in for a month straight.. but my doc told me to take them out at least once a week to be safe, although I don’t even wear them that much.

Answer by Roxy
i take mine out every night i don’t think its healthy to have it on for a full week without taking them off! your eyes need to breath!…take them out at night and put them back in in the morning…they will last longer

Answer by vixxen
They should come off EVERYDAY! I have to admit, but I dont take them off everyday, and I notice that eventually there is buildup. Our eyes need to breathe, and when they dont, we get this gucky stuff that builds up!! YUCk! And on top of that, if you dont take them out everyday, then they get dirty and dont last as long as they should. This applies to both disposable and the yearly ones…

Answer by Alfred
If u r using the silicone lenses then is ok for u to wear them for long hrs. But if not, stop wearing them for long hrs. The eye will suffer in the end

Answer by L—–x
This is really bad for your eye because dirt can build up behind your contact lense, this might result in an infection and at worse a trip to A&E.
Most disposables should only be worn for around 12 hours and shouldnt be slept in, however if they are day and nights you can wear them for about 24 hours.
Even monthly contact lenses you should take out at night to clean them because believe it or not they get so dirty.
If your still unsure call your optician or eye doctor, after all they know which contact lenses your wearing and how safe they are. But theres no way daily disposables should be worn more than a day!

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