How Long Does Colored Contacts Last?

I have two pairs of freshlooks colored contacts. I threw the first pair away after wearing it for a week. Usually how long does it last? & How long does it last if I haven’t open it from the foiled package?

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  1. Freshlook colored disposible lenses typically last up to 2wks, then you throw them away. If you take them out every night, you can make them last up to a month. It all depends on how well you take care of your lenses. If you dont open the foil package at all, the contact lenses have an expiration date on the outside of the Freshlook box.

  2. If you are taking your contacts out ever night you should be able to get a month out of your contacts. If you have allergies you might only get a couple weeks out of them. If you feel like they are cloudy and you are blinking a lot it is time to change your contacts.

  3. They should last about 2 weeks, if you wear them daily. If you do not wear them daily you should be able to get 14 wears out of each pair.

  4. ask your optometrist how long that brand of contacts should be worn for usually its 2 week wear or 14 day wear. if you havent opened their foiled package they last until their expiray date if they dont have one and you have had them for a while i would throw them out.. they will just be all mushy. and not good for your eye

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