How Long Do You Let Contact Lenses Soak?

How long can I leave my contacts in the case?

I just got contact lenses, and it says to soak them at least 4 hours, but will it hurt them if i leave them in all night?

Can I leave my contacts in the case for three days?

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  1. pumpkin_patch1990 says:

    Hey there. Leaving your contacts soaking overnight won’t harm them at all. In fact, it’ll probably help them. Personally, I try to let mine soak at least 8 hours minimum, preferably 10 if I can. Soaking the contacts helps them retain moisture, and the more moisture your contacts have, the more comfortable they’ll be.

    Read the label or box of whatever contact solution you’re using. It’ll tell you the maximum length of time you can leave your contacts in the solution before you’ll have to change it. I use Optifree Replenish, and if memory serves me right, I think you can leave you contacts in that solution for up to 30 days.

    Hope that helps!!

  2. i never leave mine in overnight. I think i’ve done it once or twice by accident. When you wake up your contacts are really really dry and they sorta stick to your eye when you try to take them out. You really should let them soak.

  3. Naw, it’s what most people do when they go to bed at night. Just pop them in the case and throw in some solution. The 4 hours is an "at least"
    Ya know throw them in the case for at least 4 hours.

  4. peacelovehappiness says:

    it depends if you have daily contacts then you through them out but if u have monthlies u leave them to soak overnight

  5. I ♥ txmuzk says:

    never let your contacts dry out. They should always be in solution or on your eyes.

  6. Normally just overnite but what i do is have them in but when i go to bed i take them out and cant be assed to soak them so i leave dry all nite then put them in solution for 10 mins after there done and last for a day :D

  7. You can leave the contact lenses in the liquid stuff all night. I have a contact, yes only one (blind in one eye, which means its cheaper!). You can sleep in them, but there’s a greater risk of infection if you do so though!

  8. EdWarD CuLLeN LovEs ME says:

    nope not at all :)
    that what i always do
    i was wondering this when i first got contacts but my doctor told me just take em out evrynight and its oky to leave em in over night :D
    also it is okay to fall asleep in them (but try avoiding it) they just make your eyes very dry when you wake up

    good luckk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i would say two – three hours

  10. Sinnerstar says:

    You can leave your contacts in the solution for a couple days even, if you want. The four hours means leave them in the solution for at least four hours to make sure they’ve been completely cleaned of germs, protein buildup, and other gunk.

    You’re fine to leave them in solution overnight. No worries :)

  11. Dumbledore says:


  12. As long as you want.

  13. demonioazul3725 says:

    i use daily contacts (use them once and throw em away)

    they’re WAY easier

  14. MaryVela says:

    It may not hurt you the First time but if you constantly leave them in like 3 days in a row you will start to develop gunk in your eyes…but you should take them out every night because your eyes need oxygen…unless you have monthlies

  15. All night, its just enough for the proteins to wash away, I normally leave them over night, anything over a few hours is fine.

  16. Jordan T says:

    i havent taken mine out in over a month so prob won’t hurt for one night

  17. johnrymel says:

    nope it wont

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