How Do I Know the BC of My Eyes for Contact Lenses.?

I want to buy contact lenses online and they are asking for the power and the BC. I know the power (-1.50) but on my prescription it doesn’t say the BC. It’s a "Spectacle Lens Prescription" and it just has the O.D. and O.S. on it.

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  1. You need to have a proper contact lens fitting first. The eye doctor or an optician needs to measure your base curve with a kerotometer. Unfortunately it will cost you some type of fitting fee and they will have to also convert your prescription to a contact lens prescription. In most cases the contacts deviate from the actual eyeglass prescription. Once you get the first order information, then replacements will be easy to get. Is this your first time with contacts? It is very important to have proper fitting contacts so that you don’t damage your cornea.

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