How Do I Get My Parents to Let Me Get Colored Contacts?

My mom has already promised she would let me get contacts this summer. But the thing is, I want colored contacts. I just already know she’ll say no to this, so I am waiting to ask her. I know they cost more but that’s the ONLY down side. I don’t know a way to make her more open. And it took FOREVER to convince her to get me regular contacts. A month. How do I get her trust I’ll take care of them properly?

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Ayesha,
    Try a bit of reverse tactics
    Say something like,Afriend at school has colored
    contacts,but we probably can’t afford then as her family
    are well off
    Or something like that
    Lol hope my kid doesn’t try that one
    Have a great day.

  2. Here’s an article that deals with how to convince your parents to let you wear colored contact lenses: It should give you some tips and help you.

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