Free Online Virtual Makeover?

The one using my own photo.
I need one with many hairstyles, and many colors(green, pink, red, purple, etc.).
Plus with contact lenses that has unnatural colors (red, purple, etc.).
I need it to know what will look best for me for a cosplay.

If nothing has all that, just give me separate websites.

Thank You so much in advance!

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  1. Kate B. says:

    I have your solution!!!!!!! It’s a website called
    which is a FREE virtual makeover site. You can do any and everything from changing the color, style/texture/highlights/lowlights/short/long/ striaght/curly HAIRSTYLES to even having your favorite celebrities hair be added to your own PERSONAL PICTURE that you upload and only takes seconds to get a completely new look. Also, you can change your makeup; tons of DIFFERENT COLORS for eyeshadows/ eyeliners/mascara, foundation/concealer/blush/bronzer to perfectly match your skin tone. Fake eyelashes to add on different choices in CONTACT LENSES. My roommate and I spent hours on this site and had a blast! Hope this helps!!!!

  2. Spencer says:

    i want to know to! (please make sure they are free software)

  3. Little Miss Bree Cullen says:

    just create an account and upload your photos
    then edit them.

    unfortunately theres no hairstyles and things like that but i have changed the colour of my eyes by using the drawing.

    hope i helped ♥
    good luck

    upload your photo there and you can change your hair, eyes, makeup, etc.

  5. I have a solution, which is different from the method of flash. it merges the portrait and eyewear directly. The effect is very perfect and true to life , even nose pad and rim are transparent. it can be visited by, only ZhiYu Virtual Tryon System has so perfect effect. it’s a pity it’s Chinese now,but it’s can easily translated into english.
    Contact or for more details.

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