Eyeglasses Vs. Contact Lens: When Is It Better to Wear Contacts Instead of Glasses?

Question by ms.understood: Eyeglasses vs. contact lens: When is it better to wear contacts instead of glasses?
For those who do not have 20/20 vision anymore, do you think wearing contact lens always have an advantage over wearing glasses?
And what eye conditions will prevent one from shifting from a pair of glasses to contacts?

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Answer by Sophia Y
You should wear glasses whenever possible. Contacts can scratch your eyes and you could also get an infection. I recommend wearing contacts during sports though so you don’t accidentally break your glasses. I hope this helps (:

Answer by Lexus2461
Glasses. Contact lenses are known to irritate your eye after 4 days wearing them.

Answer by Ruthie
It’s more of a preference. I prefer contact lenses because I can’t stand the way glasses make me look. I’ve been wearing them for the last 8 or 9 years and have NEVER had an eye infection or my eye scratched and they are still comfortable after 4 days. As long as you take care of them properly you really shouldn’t have a problem with them. Don’t take care of them properly and you will have problems. Simple as that.

Answer by Morgan
It depends on your goals. If your career goals are to advance, glasses would make you look old, and contacts willl make you look younger. In fact if you have light skin, you can become blue eyes and thus improving the chances of advancing in your career. (when i say “you”, I mean the reader). good question.

Answer by Stephanie Bealing
Glasses can really spice up an outfit and should be treated like any other accessory.

There’s this really cool new website that does some pretty interesting lens effects- like adding pink tints (I think mine were only $ 12), rindstones, etc. Check it out at www.replacementlensexpress.com.

Right now they specialize in prescription lenses (so you send in your frames and your new prescription and they replace the old lenses with new ones) but they also sell frames. They’re just not on the website yet. Everything is wholesale, so if you e-mail them at info@replacementlensexpress.com and are interested in a certain pair of eyeglasses, they can get you a quote.

Answer by kasumicat
I agree with Ruthie on this one. Contact lens wear is really a preference. I chose contact lenses initially because my brain has trouble adjusting to prescription changes and contact lenses have less image distortion. My doctor recommended contact lenses because of the problems I experienced adjusting to eyeglasses. Contact lenses also offer better peripheral vision. Contacts are safer when playing sports. They also allow a person to have a more natural appearance.

Eyeglasses have their advantages as well. You can put them on quickly. They require less maintenance than contact lenses meaning you do not have to store them in solution and clean them as regularly.

Some eye conditions that can prevent contact lenses wearing are having extremely dry eyes, Corneal ulcers, if your eyeglasses prescription has a prism correction, then contact lenses can’t be made with it. Most people can wear contact lenses successfully.

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