Does Walmart Sell NON PRESCRIPTION Colored Contact Lenses?

Can you get colored contact lenses at walmart without an eye exam?

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  1. in the UK and France yes

  2. NOO!
    I reapet do not get NON prescription contacts.
    One time i was going to buy some and i asked the store keeper if it was safe and he said nothing and just was lalalala. LOL
    But anyways.
    DO NOT!
    Trust me its better than losing your eyesight.

  3. Kendra O says:

    No. You need to be fitted for contact lenses regardless of prescription or the lack thereof.

  4. I’m not sure about Walmart – but I’ve bought coloured lenses from Novavision (online) in the past, and you don’t need a perscription. They are a couple of dollars more than some that I’ve seen on the web, but a lot better quality – I don’t really like to take a risk with my eyes. They were really comfortable, and I hadn’t worn lenses before. My mum made me check them out – being FDA approved etc and I’ve not had any problems.

    – they are at – Not sure if you are in Australia – but I think they do deliver to the states as well.


  5. Betsuguno says:

    Not sure. I tried everywhere to find non-prescription contacts since I was like… 9??? – but I didn’t want my parents to find I out I was like into the eye colour changing thing… Cos they were REAL strict… Still R…

    Yep, okay. You don’t HAVE to be fitted for contacts. LOL

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